About Us

Program Overview 

  • Students in district: 39,000
  • Students qualifying for free and reduced price meals: 73% (2012-13)
  • Number of languages/dialects spoken by students: Over 100
  • Sites receiving school breakfast and/or lunch: 67
  • Sites receiving free school breakfast for all students: 67

Nutrition and Menu Planning

  • All menus meet or exceed USDA standards and meet most of the IOM and US Healthier School Challenge standards
  • All grain-based items are now whole grain
  • Complete ingredient and nutritional information is available online at SPPS-Nutrslice.
  • All menu items are trans fat free
  • All menu items are pork and pork by-product free
  • Many vegetarian items are offered
  • A bean or bean salad is offered on the Choice Bar daily
  • Buns and breads are made with whole grain flour

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

  • A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are offered daily, students may choose as much as they like from the Choice Bar
  • Farm to School program provides seasonal local produce

Ethnic Menus

  • A variety of ethnic menus developed in partnership with the community (including Hmong Beef Fried Rice, Chicken Suqaar and Vegetable Rice, Buffalo Wild Rice Casserole, Teriyaki Chicken & Edamame, Mexican Pinto Beans and Rice)

Scratch Cooking

  • Cook/chill central kitchen produces soups, gravy, lasagna, sauces
  • Bakery department produces whole grain pizza crusts, French bread, Foccacia bread, homemade muffins and breakfast items